Yamax Digi-Walker

Japanese technology with proven accuracy and reliability

Yamax Digi-Walker Pedometers

The Yamax Digi-Walker Series of Pedometers are considered the "Gold Standard" for pedometer accuracy, reliability and quality. They are the most commonly and widely used Pedometer for University Research and Workplace Challenges. Proven to have an Accuracy of 98% 
Common features are:

  • University Researched & Recommended
  • Award Winning
  • Proven 98% Accuracy
  • Japanese Made - High Quality Parts
  • Worn 'on the hip' with integral belt/waist clip
  • Flip Screen for Protection
  • Large LCD Display
  • 5-6 Digit Up To 1 Million Steps
  • Option safety strap
  • 12 Months Warranty
  • Up to 3 Years Battery Life (Batteries Can Easily Be Replaced)

Yamax SW Series Digi-Walker

Great entry level series of pedometers which are worn on the hip. Each model counts steps and has a large LCD display which makes it easy to see the collected data. Very easy to use and set-up.


Best Seller
Easy to use
Counts steps only



Choose either miles or Km
Steps, distance and calories
Very popular



Choose either miles or Km
Steps, distance and calories
Average speed


Yamax CW Series Digi-Walkers

Upgraded spring for greater accuracy all CW models have a large dual line LCD for easy readout. Worn on the hip. Belt/waist clip has a strong metal grip.


Enhanced hammer and spring
Counts steps only
Easy read dual LCD 



Enhanced hammer and spring
2 weeks memory
Steps only 



Best selling CW pedometer
steps, distance, calories
Choose between miles and Km 


Yamax - probably the world's best pedometer