Yamax Power-Walker

Japanese engineered 3D technology

Yamax Power-Walker 3d Pedometers

For over 50 years Yamax pedometers have had a reputation throughout the world for accuracy and reliability. That's why Universities use the Yamax range of pedometers to carry out their research.

3D technology systems work in almost all positions. The three-dimensional accelerometer sensor produces an electrical pulse in response to the movement of your hips when you walk. You can place the Yamax Power Walkers in your pocket or purse and still get an accurate reading regardless of the position of the pedometer. 

Yamax Power-Walker 3D Pedometers

Fully packed with the latest features. Choose to wear on the hip or almost anywhere. These pedometers will ensure you have all the data you need to help motivate you for any walking or activity program.


1D Accelerometer Pedometer 
Counts Steps, distance, calories
7 Days memory



Counts Steps, distance, calories
7 Days memory
Power Walking Mode



3D Accelerometer Pedometer
Counts Steps only
7 Days memory



Top of the range pedometer
Choose either miles or Km
Very reliable and accurate


Yamax - probably the world's best pedometer